Tribal Seeds, Kottonmouth Kings, Ditch, Rappin 4tay to perform at Fyah on the Water

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Sacramento, CA, Feb. 10, 2015 – City, County and State Officials have given the “thumbs up” to allow medical marijuana at the upcoming Fyah on the Water Music Festival April 18-19, 2015 at Camp Pollock in Sacramento.With the ever-growing national debate about medical cannabis, the owners of Fyah on the Water Music Festival took a historic stand on the side of medical cannabis andthe State Capital agrees.“Many medicinal cannabis patients, like everyone else, love to go to music festivals. Unfortunately, many of those patients have had to forego their medicine or “sneak” their medicine and risk using it in front of children, offending people who don’t want to be around medical marijuana or risk getting kicked out of festivals,” shared Scott Durst, Fyah on the Water co-owner. “Up until now, no music festival in Sacramento, as well as many other cities, have had a designated area for medicinal cannabis patients. We’re very thankful to have the support from eeveryone in the government agencies who worked with us to help make this possible.”

At   Fyah   on   the   Water,   there   will   be   a   designated   “Prop   215   Medical   Marijuana   Area.”   (Prop.   215   refers   to   the   voter   referendum   that   passed   in   1996   allowing   medicinal   cannabis   in   California.)   Medical   Marijuana   Patients   will   have   a   safe   and   legal   place   to   use   their   medication.

Fyah   on   the   Water   is   being   produced   by   the   hugely   successful   annual   Reggae   in   the   Hills   Festival,   which   takes   place   annually   in   June   in   Calaveras   County.      They   are   bringing   in   national   and   regional   acts   such   as   Tribal   Seeds,   Kottonmouth   Kings,   Marlon   Asher,   Pot   Luck, Ditch, Rappin 4Tay,  Arden   Park   Roots,   ZuhG,   and   many   more. Fyah   on   the   Water   promises   a   beautiful   setting,   big   trees,   green   grass,   state   of   the   art   sound,   lighting,   visuals   and   stage   design.

The   all-­‐ages   event   located   in   Camp   Pollock   alongside   the   American   River   will   include   bonfires,   live   art   installations,   handmade   jewelry   and   goods,   Caribbean-­‐style   foods,   sideshows,   a   beer   garden,   tribal   drum   circles   and,   of   course,   the   Prop.   215   Medical   Marijuana   Area.

Reggae   in   the   Hills   was   co-­‐founded   by   Scott   Durst   and   Jay   Smith;   both   are   industry   leaders   in   event   production.   Reggae   in   the   Hills   adheres   to   a   strict   “Because   we   love   you”   attitude   at   all   of   their   events.   What   makes   a   Reggae   in   the   Hills   event   special   is   everyone   is   always   treated   like   family.      For   inquiries   and/   or   to   schedule an  interview :

Contact:   Brian   Johnson,

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