Tuesday Night Blues: Born Healer, Wily Bo Walker, Stevie Nimmo

A very definitely Scottish Tuesday Blues at the 100 Club but no hint of gimmick or any attempt to sell Scottish beers or kilts. Instead we got three cracking bands all of whom hail from Scotland and play various forms of Blues.
A storming night for all who braved London Transport and the roadworks.

Led by Helen Turner on vocals, Born Healer were an excellent opening act. Belting rock/Blues loaded with passion and no little humour they woke the crowd up and, until late equipment issues, played an exemplary set of self-written numbers and covers. Definitely a band to watch out for.

Second up was the Wily Bo Walker band with Wily Bo Walker on vocals and rhythm and Ed Brayshaw on lead guitar.
Frankly, my jaw is still dropped after a set of incredible music that seemed to cover Walker’s many styles and showed exactly why he has been featured in the British Blues awards four times in the last couple of years.
As an example of what can be right about the British music scene he hit just about all the buttons and Brayshaw added some incredible and original solos to the music that Walker was laying down.
They attacked from the off with Walker showing all his moves and bellowing out the vocals with his gruff and gravelly style. Somehow the subtlety in his writing still managed to show through so that it wasn’t just an hour of blast and bluster and he had the crowd completely in his pocket by the end of the set.

On any other night I might have left after that monster of a set but the prospect of seeing Stevie Nimmo in trio was just too good to miss and I am very, VERY, glad I stayed as he laid down a stunning set taken, in the main, from his superb album ‘Sky Won’t Fall’.

He was part of the Nimmo Brothers for many years and since brother Alan has gone on to great things with King King he has been a little overshadowed but the set last night reminded me that there were two brilliant guitarists and vocalists in the Nimmo Brothers and he kept the crowd dancing and shaking right to the end of a very fine set.
Sticking mainly to a sky blue Strat he was wringing sounds out of his axe that shouldn’t be possible – the sheer speed from a big man was mesmeric and more than a few times during the set I gasped audibly at his playing.
He will be touring with Robin Trower in November – that is a must see pairing.

The Tuesday Blues nights at the 100 Clunb have put some great musicians on over the last couple of years – none better than last night.