Bud Light Releases First Look at Super Bowl XLIX Spot, “Coin”—Watch Now!


The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and Bud Light is gearing up for it by giving us a first look at one of its ads for the big game!

Titled “Coin,” the commercial builds on the beer’s “perfect beer for whatever happens” campaign, by showing a non-actor named Riley grabbing a Bud Light at a bar and getting asked if he’s up for whatever life throws his way!

The commercial then follows the drinker and his friends when he leaves, and that is they find a massive coin on the sidewalk and read the instructions to put it into a giant slot machine.

What happens next is pretty much the dream of anyone who has ever played Pac-Man.

A “club” opens up to reveal a life-size, real-life Pac-Man game, where the non-actor has to actually play the classic arcade game.

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Bud LightBud Light

“You ARE Pac-man,” a woman instructs him right before throwing him into the maze. Like anyone else who has ever played the game, he gets caught by the colorful minions, but ultimately succeeds in nabbing all of the dots and a bonus cherry.

After completing the “level” successfully, he gets handed his beer of choice and rejoicing.

“I love this life,” Riley says. “What is going on?!”

So far it seems like Bud Light is bringing its Super Bowl commercial A-game…why else would we watch the game?!

Bud LightBud Light


Watch the video above, and tell us what you think about the commercial in the comments below!

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